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Hi, my name is Craig Richardson, I started photographing in 1975, when I purchased my first camera. After understanding how the camera works, I worked on mastering the 35mm format including the effects of light, shutter speed and aperture and the effects on color and black/white photography. During this time I also working on my darkroom skills. A few years later I purchased a second camera and turned a hobby into a profession. In the early 80's my business required that I expand my portrait services to the larger 4X5 and 8X10 format. In 2005, I switched from film to digital.

I specialize in sports, weddings, portraits and events.

I received photographic training from Arizona State University, Nikon School of Photography and Eastman Kodak School of Photography. I worked as an apprentice photographer in Los Angeles and Phoenix.

I have photographed for Arizona State University, Hensley & Company, Budweiser Marketing, Coors Distribution, Miller Brewing Company, Candid Wedding Photography, Arizona Republican Party, The Ledger, Arcadia News, Arcadia Daily and Arcadia Titans Football programs.

Craig has won several awards in photography and several of his photographs are published.

If you need an experienced photographer, please give me a call or drop me an email. I will be glad to schedule your event.

Thank you for your time.

Craig Richardson


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